The Afrikan Union 
6th Region National Afrikan Diaspora





Organization,  Mission & Objectives

The African Union (AU)  has invited the African Diaspora to become “voting members” of the AU so that together African people can move toward making the unification of the African continent into the reality called the Union of African States (or United States of Africa) in the near future.  The AU (through its Executive Council and the implications of its amended constitution) designated the Diaspora as the Sixth Region of Africa (the other five regions are North, South, East, West and Central Africa).

The African Diaspora consists of the diasporas created by the movement and transfer of Africans and their descendants throughout the world, to places such as the Americas (including the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America and South America), Europe and Asia. Much of the African Diasporas are descended from people that were sold into slavery during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, with the largest population living in Brazil.

Although the exact definition is still a work in progress, in 2005, the AU defined the Diaspora as "... peoples of African descent and heritage living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship, and who remain committed to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union."

The mobilization of African Diaspora bodies is an initiative that has been formally mandated by the African Union to the South African Government for the creation of a stronger and meaningful contribution by Diasporas to the development of the African Continent.
This is also aligned with efforts to get the international community to respond and contribute to the overall development of the African Continent.

Since the RCC in the Europe Region several Europe Region Meetings were initiated and/or organised by the AUADS Facilitators Working Group Europe Region in cooperation with the South African Governments in the respective countries: Paris/France; The Hague/Holland; Berlin/Germany. In Brussels/Belgium in cooperation with the African Union Permanent Mission.

“A Leave no Community Behind” Model was discussed and approved as a strategy to organise and mobilize the Diaspora community in the Europe Region.

The AUADS Facilitators are functioned as volunteers, who coordinate meetings, maintain the records, communicate regularly with Europe Region Facilitators; the SRDCcoalition; PADU members, South African Government & AU relevant authorities.


SRDC(Sub Regional Diaspora Council)coalition exists of the Western Hemisphere (currently including the USA, the Caribbean, Central America, South America/Brazil and Canada); Europe and the African Hebrews from Dimona/Jerusalem.

There is a temporary AUADS secretariat in cooperation with Chapter Germany & the Netherlands functioned until formal decision about the structure has been realise by the AU authorities.