WE, Ministers of the African Union and the Caribbean
TAKING COGNISANCE of the dialogue we had with representatives of various
regions of the world in which the African Diaspora are located;
EXPRESSING, our appreciation to His Excellency, President Thabo Mbeki, the
Government and People of the Republic of South Africa and the African Union for
the warm reception and for hosting and conducting this meeting;
RECALLING, the Constitutive Act of the African Union that is guided by a common
vision of a united and strong Africa based on a partnership between governments
and all segments of society in order to strengthen cohesion and solidarity among its
ALSO RECALLING the Protocol on Amendments to the Constitutive Act of the
African Union approved by the First Extra-Ordinary Session of the Assembly of
Heads of States and Government in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in January 2003, of
which Article 3(q) invites the African Diaspora to participate as an important
component in the building of the African Union, as well as other relevant African
Union legislation and instruments, including the Decision of the Executive Council on
the Development of the Diaspora Initiative of the African Union (Ext/EX/CL/5(lll)) and
the Decision of the Executive Council on the Definition of the Diaspora
FURTHER RECALLING, the commemoration of the bicentennial of the trafficking in
Africans, an obligation to remember the legacy of history, particularly the era of
colonialism and slavery and the enforced separation of African people as a result of
that experience;
TAKING INTO account the need to put African history in its proper perspective and
to rebuild the African family;
RECOGNIZING, the need to build sustainable partnerships between the African
Diaspora and the African Continent through sustainable dialogue and effective
collaboration with governments and peoples of different regions of the World in
which the Diaspora population are located;
ACKNOWLEDGING the need to celebrate and preserve the shared heritage
between Africa and persons of African descent in the African Diaspora;
COGNISANT, of the fact that culture informs all facets of development;