"Towards the realisation of a united and integrated
Africa and its Diaspora: M Shared vision for sustainable development to
address Common challenges."
Date: September 17, 2008
Regarding the Workshop,
Technical Working Group August, 27-29 2008
Sun City, South Africa
Organised by the South African Government in cooperation with the African
I realise that there was not enough time to go into deep discussion about some
aspects/terminology as well about the political & judicial implication of the
content of some language in some parts of the Draft Declaration during the
Workshop that has took place on the aforementioned date.
I realise too that decisions about the content of the Draft has already been
taken, nevertheless I would bring some issues under your attention to
1) About the beginning of the Declaration
Referring to the first sentence of the Draft "we..... of the African Union the
If the purpose is to reach agreement with the members of Carricom States it is
wise to mention "Carricom" in stead of "Caribbean". Caribbean is more than
Carricom. If the purpose is to include states in South and Central America who
are or are not members of Carricom the term Caribbean (as political entity) is
not inclusive.
Argument 1: realise that not all Countries in the Caribbean are politically
For instance when it concerns Foreign Affairs aspects, Guadeloupe and
Martinique, respectively. The Dutch Antilles (Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St Maarten
& St. Eustacius) to mention some of the states, are still under the
"CROWN/Colonial power" so to speak, of France respectively the Netherlands.
While in all these countries we can find a major part of African descendants.
Argument 2: Republic Suriname and Guyana are both geographically based in
South America and not in the Caribbean while they are members of Carricom.
Argument 3: Not in all countries in the Caribbean where we can find a majority
of African Descendants/diasporas who involved in the AU 6'� Region Development
are members of the Carricom.