'Leave no Community Behind Model'
Structuring the African Union -African Diasporas on a Competent/
Project based methodology
Proposed Structure to mobilise the diverse Diasporas organisations,
individuals and Projects on competencies for the development of a United and
integrated Africa and Its Diasporas
(Case Europe Region-Germany)
Tumenta Fuango Kennedy - Kennedy@africanbib.com
Barryl Alexandrina Biekman - biekmanb@xs4all.nl
European Facilitators
African Union - African Diasporas 6*� Region Process
The Model
The model was developed by African Diaspora delegates from ten European
countries-Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France,
Belgium, Russia and Italy and also Israel, at the African Diaspora Working
Group Conference that took place in Paris from 9-10 February 2008. It has been
adjusted with regards to comments from the AU Permanent Mission Officials
(Brussels/Belgium) in Charge of the AU 6th Region implementation Process. The
structure is related to the civil society organization. There were three models that
were drafted and the various members of the Diaspora and the organizations
went back to their various countries, regions to talk to their members on the
models. Finally the model of "Leave no community behind model" was adopted.
The structure is action oriented and stems from the Consolidated Outcomes and
Action Plan that was agreed on during the African Diaspora Senior Officials and
AU Ministerial Conferences in November 2007 in South Africa. Both documents
are a result of the Outcomes
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