1. The obscuring of our history, e.g. the re-establishment of slavery by Napoleon.
2. Marginalization of the people who seek the truth in history.
3. These attempts to rewrite history as a questioning of the uncontested historic facts
such as Africa as the cradle of humanity, sometimes with the collusion of intellectuals
from the Diaspora.
4. The Lion's point of view remains to be written.
5. Claude Ribbe
All peoples have their own humanity, but the African education system puts too much
emphasis on Western experiences and marginalizes the African human experiences, which
makes the Western world the benchmark and lifebelt. We base ourselves on European criteria,
and that leads us to failure. The West becomes the only lifebelt.
It is urgent to focus teaching on the historical and cultural heritage of Africa if we really want
to work towards an African Renaissance.
We must to confuse the freedom of thought with the sovereignty of thought.
We might well be driving a car, but, insofar as it is not we who created the Highway Code, we
cannot be sure of our destination.
The concept of Western modernity is interchangeable.
We have to shed their definition of reality and construct our own reality.
The historical Word must leave the private sphere and enter the educational domain so that
African youth can re-appropriate the artistic, literary and historical values.
Harmonization of the way we do things and the way we live, facilitated by globalization,
disadvantages the endogenous cultures, in particular African cultures.
The necessity to resolve the problem of freedoms and social justice.
The necessity to invest in the two main development areas i.e. education and healthcare.
The necessity to decolonize ourselves by breaking the ties with old and new structures of
economic, linguistic, spiritual, cultural and political oppression.
Those who do not know their language are condemned to death.
These languages have a secret link with medicine, in certain ethnic cultures, knowing the
name of a plant is enough to know which illness it can heal.
Creation of regional research centers to develop African languages.
It is primordial that the Diaspora should be a driver to promote African cultures and values in
Necessity to find a specifically African scientific approach.
Necessity to revive the African spirit.
Africans must leam to master their own sciences.
Religions are not opposed to development.
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